GREENBLAST PROJECT Co-funded by the Eco-innovation Initiative of the European Union


How GreenBlast Works

Stage 1 - Recycling waste glass


Stage 2 - Blasting



Stage 3 – Convert blasting waste to raw material

GREENBLAST…A better way

  • Innovation

    The innovation in GREENBLAST is that it turns glass from a waste stream in to a resource stream through blasting and THEN double recycles again by turning this abrasive waste from blasting in to a resource stream for the concrete industry.

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  • Sustainability

    Using the GREENBLAST way makes you more sustainable as a company.  
    Adopting the GREENBLAST way reduces emissions, reduces landfill, reduces dust, and reduces transportation emissions.
    Furthermore, using GREENBLAST can dramatically reduce your costs by eliminating the need for disposing of the blasting waste.

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  • Performance

    GREENBLAST uses glass as an abrasive and uses the glass again as a raw material in concrete. And there are huge technical benefits to this.
    Fundamentally, adopting the GREENBLAST way delivers a better performance at a lower cost.
    Want to know more about the technical side to GREENBLAST? Read more.

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  • Successes

    A&P Shipyard

    Hull Blasting
    New Steel

    Uljanik Shipyard

    Hatch Covers
    Pipe Fittings

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Welcome to our project!

GREENBLAST Supply Chain Map

  • Click on the image above to access the GREENBLAST Supply Chain Map

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